84-inch 3DTV: no glasses

84-inch 3DTV: no glasses

Technology supplier Sunny Ocean Studios is introducing an 84-inch 3D display at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore that does not require classes.

The four synchronized displays on public video walls that is 3.5 metres diagonally and based on commercially available monitors with 25 frames per seconds (fps) will feature content created by Sunny. They work with 30 views technology (one image is taken from 30 different perspectives), which allows a “glasses-free” 3D experience from several points in the room.

The 2×2 3D video walls can be seen in Singapore at VivoCity, Tampines Mall, ION Orchard and Jurong Point.

The large 3D wall was created in conjunction with the engineering school at IDC Asia / Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. Armin Grasnick, Founder and Managing Director at Sunny Ocean Studios says his first international sales and distribution partnerships are to be announced at the IFA in Berlin at the beginning of September.

Sunny Ocean Studios launched a “glasses-free” 3D projection at CeBIT 2010 which can be viewed from 64 different perspectives.