Slew of new 3D on way

Slew of new 3D on way

Back-to-back blockbuster 3D successes in “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” have the movie industry throwing everything into 3D production. Here are just a few of the most recent high-profile projects:

* “Buck Rogers,” from director Paul WS Anderson, according to

* “The Addams Family,” stop-motion animated version of original New Yorker drawings from director Tim Burton, according to

* “Popeye,” CGIversion from producer Avi Arad, according to Variety.

These are added to a schedule that already includes 3D resurrections of everything from “Yogi Bear,” “The Smurfs,” and “The Green Lantern” to sequels such as “Cats & Dogs 2,” all of which can be found on this site’s Calendar.

— By Scott Hettrick