Snow White looks best in Blu

Snow White looks best in Blu

Although it’s become almost trite to trumpet a new digital restoration or Blu-ray release of a film as having never looked so good, in the case of Disney’s new Diamond Edition of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” on Blu-ray the HiDef difference is truly quite dramatic.

• No visible film grain, a remarkable achievement for a 62-year-old movie.

• Bright, colorful, vivid. Stands up to any current animated film.

Special features worth noting:

• Hyperion Studios: Really innovative, fun, and easy-to-navigate exploration of Walt Disney’s original studios in Silver Lake

• Historical featurettes: Enormously fascinating and engaging; well produced

• Audio commentary by John Canemaker: quite informative and interesting

• DisneyView: Thematically related background paintings interesting option to cover the black vertical bars on sides of widescreen display but more distracting to me than the black bars.

• Tiffany Thornton music video “Someday My Prince Will Come” – nice, fun.

• Interactivities: Three fun new games that are easy to play

• Classic bonus features: all good; glad to see them included

Click image below to play an 85-second video from the Snow White panel hosted by Don Hahn of Disney and animation historians and the original human model for Snow White prior to a digital screening of the movie at the D23 Expo on Sept. 12:

[flashvideo file=”” image=”/wp-content/uploads/SnowWhiteStill500x350.jpg” width=500 height=350 /]