A 3D Bloody Valentine & Live BCS Game

A 3D Bloody Valentine & Live BCS Game

The opening this weekend of Lionsgate’s 3D remake of “My Bloody Valentine” is the third major 3D event in 10 days, the combination of which serve as the de facto launch of what will be the biggest year ever for 3D technology.

Last week alone, Panasonic introduced a new Blu-ray based home 3D technology at CES in Las Vegas just 24-hours before Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. debuted the first-ever nationwide theatrical broadcast of a live sports event in 3-D.

And many major studios are releasing blockbuster movies in 3D this year, one of which – DreamWorks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens” — will feature a TV commercial in 3D during the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, followed by the 3D broadcast of NBC’s sitcom “Chuck” the following night. (Intel is distributing 125 million pairs of 3D glasses for the broadcast through Pepsi’s SoBe Lifewater beverage.)

View the two videos below to see filmmaker Patrick Lussier discuss the 3D elements of “My Bloody Valentine.” In the first video, Lussier describes his favorite 3D scenes, many of which have nothing to do with objects protruding from the screen but rather showcase the subtle depth of an otherwise ordinary setting that serves to better draw the audience into the movie. He also advises and explains the best place to sit to get maximum impact of 3D effects, and shares a tantalizing verbal teaser about an outtake destined for the Blu-ray edition, which he says will likely be offered in 3D as well.

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In the second video below, Lussier relates the technical challenges of making a film in 3D, most notably the massive light required and the ripple effect that has on everything, as well as shooting and editing for 3D.

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In the video below, Cinedigm executives discuss their groundbreaking distribution of the FedEx BCS college football National Championship Game between the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma to 80 theatres in 31 states. Crowds began lining up early at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood and treated the event as if they were at a sports bar, with cheers and boos after each big play and hard tackle.

Seemingly well aware that they were watching a historical event, the audience/fans also registered their vocal approval of the most dynamic 3D visual impacts, even the first text and graphics on the screen, and their vocal disapproval of commercials that didn’t measure up to expectations.

Although there were reports of isolated minor glitches, including a 30-minute – 40-minute delayed video signal at the Krikorian Monrovia Cinema 12 in the Los Angeles area, 19 of the theaters sold out despite ticket prices of $20, according to Cinedigm. With those prices, the 3D Thursday night event had more than four times the per-screen movie gross of any movie that evening.

Cinedigm is planning its next live 3D broadcast in the same theaters on February 12 for the NBA All-Star Saturday Night.

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